15 E-Commerce PSG Grant Solutions Compared

Which e-commerce solution is better? Let’s look at their feature sets for a comprehensive comparison!

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Our Holistic E-Commerce Solution Criteria

Our network of retail business owners have shared with us features they can no longer live without. Below are some of the essential areas to look at when implementing a holistic e-commerce solution.

Responsive UI

The e-commerce website adjusts smoothly to various screen sizes to prioritize content based on the device used.

Manage Products

Managing product images, names, SKUs, categories, as well as variations, should be a breeze. Importing and exporting should be fully supported too.

Manage Inventory

Online sales are dynamic and require businesses to move fast; trends can go up and down within hours. Foresee potential logistic or inventory issues before they happen.

Manage Promotions

Marketing online is tough. Distractions are everywhere. Your business needs to keep up with trends, events, and influencer promotions with coupons.

Manage Orders

Communicating order statuses and changes are crucial to maintaining trust with online customers.


Reach a wider audience and diversify your sales channels by selling on other platforms like Lazada, eBay, Qoo10, or Shopee.

Digital Marketing

Keeping track of visitors and conversions will allow you to segment and strategize your campaigns with precision.

Customer Relations

Manage your customer relationship with CRM software, keeping you informed of advocates and potential issues.

Accounting & Finance

Synchronize all your sales to your cloud accounting software like Xero and get real-time reports on your cashflow.

Auto Fulfilment

Send your orders automatically to your fulfillment partners and get real-time inventory updates. Selling worldwide from multiple warehouses is a breeze.

Business Intelligence

View aggregated data in a visual format for a high-level view of trends. Decide to enter new markets or kill products strategically.

Customer Support

Embed live chat or an AI chatbot onto your website for consistent and seamless customer experience and engagement with your brand while reducing manpower.

Which solution passed our holistic criteria?

Eligible E-Commerce PSG Grant Comparison Table

These e-commerce solutions are pre-approved and pre-scoped for retail e-commerce. Pre-approved solutions are eligible for the Productivity Solutions Grant of up to 80% funding.

Last updated 12 Oct 2020

E-commerce Solutions that qualify for up to 80% PSG Funding

Up to 80% of funding from Productivity Solutions Grant will end on 30 Sep 2021.

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Responsive UI Product
Drag & Drop UI Marketplace
Digital Marketing
Chatbot Training Cost (S$)
Content adjusts smoothly to various devices Manage product images, prices, variations, categories, etc Manage inventory for each product or variant, stock in/out, etc Special prices for products or categories, manage coupon codes, etc Manage order status, one-off discounts, custom orders, order notes, etc Easily edit the look & feel, and content for future campaigns (e.g. Black Friday, CNY) Sync and manage your marketplace listings from one place (e.g. Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, etc) Integrate and track conversions for your marketing campaigns Manage all your customers, birthdays, loyalty points, etc Sync and get real-time finance reports to keep your business agile (e.g. Xero) Automatically send your orders to fulfillment partners and sync with inventory Understand what’s trending, customer demographics, etc A 24/7 Assistant who auto-replies customer queries on the website Learn how to maximize your solution properly
Digital Retail (Amobee Asia) 10,000
BonaEcom (Bona Tech) 2 10,000
Creative Eshop (Creative e-World) 13,800
EPS Professional
MPD E-Commerce (MediaPlus Digital) Only Live Chat 8,975
Shopcada (Webcada) 2 18,500
3D Omni Commerce (3D Brand)
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3 Only Live Chat 12,000
Best Value!
Corsiva Lab Addon Addon Addon 20,000
I Concept 3 Only Live Chat 15,000
Pixel Commerce 1 17,970
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Shopmatic 3,000
EasyBus Online (TrustyTech) 5,500
Firstcom Solutions 10,059
Verz Design 10,000

Not Part of Package
 Included in Package

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Best Value-Added E-Commerce Solution

Comparing the above table and the important features used by retail e-commerce merchants, 3D Omni Commerce stands out as the best value and feature-packed solution.

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It has been a pleasure to work with 3D Brand Agency. It’s their professional attitude, approachable manner and personal touch that are so refreshing that we couldn’t recommend anyone else.

Amanda Koo
Directress, eClarity

I had doubts at first as I am not skilled with technology, but as COVID-19 happened, we were fortunate enough to adopt the right technology to COVID-proof our business. The result speaks for itself.
Miss Bhamah Founder, LadyFair
With COVID-19 changing the business landscape, technology with purpose is playing a pivotal role for the new paradigm success.
Alan Ng Co-Chairman, Brands for Good
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common questions other business owners are asking

How and when will I receive my Digital Resilience Bonus?

Pay-outs to qualified enterprises will start from August 2020.

Processing time will take about 1 month, upon the submission of UENs by Providers of Qualified Solutions (or Supporting Banks) to IMDA.

What documents do I need to apply for PSG?

  1. CorpPass to access Business Grant Portal
  2. Signed Quotation provided by 3D Brand Agency

Can companies apply for PSG after signing a quotation with 3D Brand Agency, or making payment?

No. PSG application needs to be submitted first, before any payment.

Please note that applicants must apply for PSG before they have:

  • Made any payment to a supplier, vendor, or third party in relation to the purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solution or equipment
  • Signed any contract with a supplier, vendor, or third party in relation to the purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solution or equipment

How do I apply for the Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB)?

There is no need for you to submit any application form. Providers of Qualified Solutions will submit your UEN to IMDA if you are using the solutions between 1 June 2020 and 30 June 2021. IMDA will credit the Bonus into your PayNow Corporate account according to the categories of digital solutions you use.

Can someone else submit the PSG claim for me?

All companies will need to apply for the PSG on their own. No third party should apply for the grant on the company’s behalf.

What documents do I need to present when making PSG claim submission?

  1. Purchase Order or Signed Acceptance of Quotation/Contract Invoice
  2. Invoice
  3. One month Usage Report
  4. Receipt or Copy of cheque (if payment is made by cheque)
  5. Bank Statement showing payment